Youth Empowerment Enabling Prospects - YEEP


The project focuses on improved employment prospects and active participation in the labor market of vulnerable and disadvantage youth in the municipality of Gjilan.


YEEP goals of the project include:


  • To address the needs of young people who grow up in alternative care and families confronted with socio-economic exclusion;
  • To improve current conditions pertaining to youth empowerment, employment prospects and active participation in the labor market of vulnerable youth;
  • To achieve synergies in the delivery of services to the benefit of young people directly or through local actors to use a comprehensive, holistic and effective methodology in their work with young people at risk;
  • To increase social and personal skills for socio-economic integration of vulnerable young people (at least 40% female)
  • To increase political decision-makers’ awareness of the needs of vulnerable youth, in order to formulate and implement support strategies for the socio-economic integration of vulnerable youth;
  • To promote the advocacy capacities of young people and their rights to socio-economic integration and employment, in order to create a positive and supportive environment in which young people can prosper, exchange experiences and interact socially;
  • To combat youth unemployment by implementing concrete actions and developing recommendations for actions, shared with decision-makers.

Partners and Donors