Innovating Development for Education Advancement - IDEA 2022


The program IDEA 2022 (Innovating Development in Education Advancement) is funded under the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) signed between Kosova Education Centre (KEC) and the European Union Office in Kosovo (EUOK) in November 2019. The action in question is an integral part of KEC Strategy 2020-2024, which aims to improve quality and accountability in education through involvement in advocacy and policymaking. In parallel, this FPA requires synergy with other actors in the field of education, and KEC has over two decades of experience in partnerships with civil society actors, government agencies and donor communities. This is a crucial aspect of the current project, as it goes directly towards fulfilling the objectives of Component I (Identification and Outreach) and it lays the groundwork for the objectives of Component II (Contribution and Impact).



Project activities


–  Develop a plan to organize a series of education podcasts to identify and analyse education issues

–   Conduct a series of podcasts according to the plan

–   Establish a SCO advocacy platform: Education Podcast Society (EPS)

–   Engage in advocacy initiatives targeting improvements in education sector

–   Provide structured contribution to policymaking processes

Partners and Donors