Overall objective: The Project aims to improve the ECD outcomes and school readiness for 1st and 2 grade of disadvantaged Roma children from six neighborhoods aged 4-6 and 6-8 attending schools in two locations by improving the parenting skills of the parents, strengthening the link between parents and pre-primary and school institutions, expanding the access to integrated ECD services and raising the quality of teaching and learning.

Target groups: The direct beneficiaries of the project will be the Roma children and disadvantage non- Roma children of age 4-6 pre-school level, age 5-6 pre-primary level, and age 6-8,1st and 2nd graders of neighborhoods Edit Durham, Janine, Xheladin Hana, Bazhdarane, Jenimahall, Qyrtmahall.

Components and Activities:
Component 1: Improving the access in mainstream, non-segregated ECD services
Activity 1.1: Addressing financial and attendance barriers to preschool and pre-primary access of Roma children and returnees aged 4-5 and 5-6;
Activity 1.2: Facilitation of access, enrolment and attendance of Roma children and returnees aged (4-5) in pre-school and pre-primary level (aged 5-6) through identification, recruitment and training of school mediators.

Component 2: Improving the quality of ECD services
Activity 2.1: Toy Libraries covering the 6 locations
Activity 2.2: Strengthening pre-school and pre-primary services & the capacity of educators to deliver child-centered education through qualified educators
 Activity 2.3: Measuring the child development of the targeted 5-6 years old Roma children bringing a result to better understand the need for ECD support

Component 3: Expanding access to quality primary school education
Activity 3.1: Outreach and enrolment for primary school education grade 1 and 2 including returnee children
Activity 3.2: Support to children enrolled in primary school and development follow-up, as well as preparation of individual plans for Roma returnee children.
Activity 3.3: Working with volunteers

Component 4: Improving the Parenting Skills and Practices of Roma Parents
Activity 4.1: Informal literacy training and lessons in storytelling to Roma mothers (adaptation of the “Your Story” approach, based on the realities in respectful localities)
Activity 4.2: Home-School-Community Liaison
Activity 4.3: Primary schools’ platform

Partners and Donors