Digitalized school environment to support teachers and students as lifelong learners


Output 1: Improve the capacity of schools and teachers to provide quality and inclusive teaching and learning for all children

Output 2: Improve the quality and effectiveness of the digital learning environment and the use of digital tools



Project activities:

1.1 Establish project working group

1.2 Support adaptation of teaching materials (for grades 1-9) based on the students learning needs

1.3 Develop TOT training modules for schools

1.4 Conduct TOT training with the selected education staff for grades 1-9.

1.5 Selection of the schools

1.6 Conduct capacity building of teachers on digital technology use for inclusive pedagogy in selected municipalities.

2.1 Develop additional learning materials (test, quizzes, video materials, presentations)

2.2 Organize monitoring and mentoring visits to schools involved in the project

2.3 Disseminate and share & Regional Conference

Partners and Donors